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February 28, 2002

Issue 5-02 (Special Edition)

... From Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Corporation.

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Instructor™ 8.5 Available for Preorder
New Version of Plug-In Pro™ just released
Quick Reminders
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Information on Subscriptions and Article Submissions


by Chris Bell

We are sending you this special edition of the EnterPage to let you know about the new Instructor 8.5 upgrade opportunity and the exciting release of Plug-In Pro Version 6. While we're at it, we'll share a few reminders just in case you missed them earlier.

We'll come out as scheduled with a full issue of the EnterPage in April. Until then, happy ToolBooking!

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Instructor™ 8.5 Available for Preorder

Upgrade now to Instructor 8.5 and save. Instructor 8.5 will be released soon but the best price is only available until March 31.

Upgrade from any previous version of Instructor for $595.

Version 8.5 has several new features including a set of software simulation tools that help in creating simulations for native or DHTML export. Also, the new options for exporting to DHTML will allow developers to easily turn on and off features that make it easier for post-export modification of the DHTML files (more on this from Tim Barham at TBCON). Other new features related to AICC and SCORM also look helpful.

To upgrade, please call us Toll Free at 888-866-5251 or visit our on line order form at https://outlaw.securewebs.com/plattecanyon/store/

Please note that we are only able to sell Click2learn products to customers in the US and Canada. For this special situation, where sales are made prior to the release of the product, we will need to charge your card when you submit the order to hold a spot for you. Your thirty-day money back guarantee however, will extend 30 days beyond the ship date of the product.

By upgrading from Platte Canyon, you receive a $50 credit that may be applied to any Platte Canyon product or training class. If you don't already have a copy of the TBCON 2001 CD (http://www.tbcon.com/cd_2001.aspx), we recommend that you use your credit for this great collection of applications and documents.

More information is available at:

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New Version of Plug-In Pro™ just released

Version 6.0 is Here! With over 140 utilities, editors, and short-cuts, the Platte Canyon(r) Plug-In Pro is the ToolBook developer's best friend.

Version 6.0 brings predefined palettes geared to your development needs. Plug-In Pro is always available via the "Platte" menu on your Instructor and Assistant menu bar. You can show any of the 10 specialized Plug-In Pro palettes. You can even modify the custom palettes and custom menu items with the features you use most!

With Tools for your creative side and tools for your technical side, Plug-In Pro is designed for all ToolBook users.

Plug-In Pro adds a number of cool features and functions including:

  • Click a button to see all the objects with Actions on the page or background. Select the object and then see a list to the right of the events handled for that object. Click to display the Actions Editor for that object with that event already loaded. Do that same thing with the page, background, and book itself.
  • Similar functionality to the above with shared scripts. See a list of objects with shared scripts and then be able to select one and open in the script editor.
  • Delete a page or range of pages (by page number or background) AND delete all the resources that are freed up by the deletions. For example, delete pages 10 - 20 and have the tool delete any bitmap or icon resources used exclusively by those pages.
  • Special characters palette to make it easier to enter characters such as , , , , , etc.
  • Export a list of clips with information about the source and other properties.
  • Tool to convert all pictures to paint objects
  • Export all paint objects to external files where you can edit them, replace them with a new screen capture, assign a palette, etc.
  • Replace all paint objects with their matching external files. Restores name, position, layer order, group, etc.
  • New "sticky note" tools to tile, resize, and select sticky notes.
  • Color Spy tool that allows you to click on a screen region and see the color in RGB and HLS color units.
  • Use the "Most Recently Used File" list to the "View a Page" utility
  • More!

More information on Plug-In Pro is available at: http//www.plattecanyon.com/plugins/pro

$495 Plug-In Pro
$165 Plug-In Pro upgrade from Plug-In Pro 5
$330 Plug-In Pro upgrade from Version 4 and older

Please call us Toll Free at 888-866-5251 or visit our on line order form at https://outlaw.securewebs.com/plattecanyon/store/

Plug-In Pro is available for immediate delivery to customers all over the world. We can sell this product all over the world because Plug-In Pro is a Platte Canyon product.

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Quick Reminders

Sign up for the ToolBook and VBTrain.Net(tm) User's Conference

Consider taking a popular ToolBook training class from Platte Canyon

Broaden your capabilities by taking a training class on how to use Visual Basic .NET to create powerful training


Coming in the Next Issue of the EnterPage

  • TBCON 2002 Preview
  • Another Plug-In Pro Tool Spotlight
  • More CBT Creation Tips from Chris Bell
  • More OpenScript Tips from Jeff Rhodes
  • More Actions Editor Tips from Cindy Kessler
  • ToolBook Tip (from Learning and Mastering ToolBook Series)
  • More

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Information on Subscriptions and Article Submissions

The EnterPage is distributed 4 times a year, with occasional special issues. Individuals who have expressed interest in Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Corporation or its products receive The EnterPage. If you do not wish to receive future issues, send an email message to EP@plattecanyon.com with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line. New subscriptions are available by sending an email message to EP@plattecanyon.com with the word "subscribe" in the subject line and the person's name and company in the text of the message.   Suggestions for articles or proposals for article submissions are welcome. Send information to EP@plattecanyon.com. Back issues of the EnterPage are available at http://www.plattecanyon.com/enterpage.aspx.

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