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March 22, 2004
Issue 7-01


From Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Corporation.

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Top Stories
Click2learn is now SumTotal Systems
ToolBook Sale through March 31, 2004
TBCON 2004 Preview
Announcing TBCON One-Day Events
Learning & Mastering Instructor 2004 Outline and Release Schedule
Report from Training - Spring 2004
Report from the German ToolBook & VBTrain.Net Event and Learntec

ToolBook Tips and News
Plug-In Pro Tool Spotlight
Expert Information from the "Learning & Mastering ToolBook" Series
OpenScript Tip
Actions Editor Tip

VBTrain.Net Tips and News
VBTrain.Net Tidbit

More News and Information
Come See Us: The Platte Canyon World Tour
Platte Canyon Products in the Pipeline
Coming in the Next Issue of The EnterPage
About The EnterPage
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The biggest recent news for ToolBook developers is that Click2learn's merger with Docent has spawned SumTotal Systems. We bring you the details plus a few comments. It is time to make sure that you have moved to Instructor 2004. We offer special pricing to bring this about for customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Now is also the time to sign up for the 2004 edition of the ToolBook & VBTrain.Net User's Conference in June. We list the amazingly low pricing and phenomenally high quality of presenters as well as other details below. For those who can't make it to Colorado Springs or who can't get enough power development tips, we will begin offering one-day TBCON events before the major training conferences, starting with San Francisco in October.

We're adding so many great things to Learning & Mastering Instructor 2004 that we're still working on it. But we update you with the outline and projected schedule.

We share details from our recent shows in Germany and Atlanta and include the usual collection of ToolBook and .NET tips and tricks. Enjoy!

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Top Stories

Click2learn is now SumTotal Systems

Many of you likely already received an email to this effect from Click2learn, but the short and sweet is that the new company name is SumTotal Systems, Inc. Right now, it looks like the new company will have offices in Mountain View , California (Docent's headquarters) and Bellevue , Washington (Click2learn's headquarters). This is in addition to other offices around the world. Andrew Eckert of Docent will be CEO and Kevin Oaks of Click2learn will be President. Here is the link for the official release:


From a developer perspective, we are thrilled with the visibility given to ToolBook on the new SumTotal web site as well as in private conversations that we have had with key players. Here's the ToolBook page on the new site:


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ToolBook Sale through March 31, 2004

As part of a joint "housewarming party" by Platte Canyon and SumTotal Systems, we are pleased to offer customers in the U.S. and Canada $150 off any full version of ToolBook and $100 off any upgrade through the end of March. Customers in other areas please check with your local reseller or Click2learn regional office to see if they have similar offers. The special deal of a $100 credit for full versions and a $50 credit for upgrades that can be applied to your TBCON registration or any Platte Canyon product or training class is still good as well. Here are the sale prices for Instructor (Assistant prices listed on our site as well):

  • Upgrade from 8.5/8.6: $495.
  • Upgrade from 8.0/8.1: $695.
  • Upgrade from 7.2 or earlier OR from any version of Assistant: $895.
  • Full version: $2,100

Here is the link to our online store:

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TBCON 2004 Preview

We have a flyer coming in the mail, but don't even wait to see it before signing up. We have an amazing lineup with the leading ToolBook and VBTrain.Net experts from around the world converging on Colorado Springs to share their expertise with you. This will be our 6th year and we are still going strong.

The list of sessions is getting too long to put in The EnterPage, so please click this link (and remember that there will be EVEN more by conference time):


Among the many highlights will be Tim Barham sharing the vision about future versions of ToolBook as well as insight into how the development team implemented such new features as the updated editor for the Simulation Object and the ability to call functions in .js files. Mauro Rech will share his usual ToolBook wizardry as well as show you how his team has built new web-based courseware using VBTrain.Net. Tom Hall will share his expertise on the Actions Editor and Simulation Object. Denny Dedmore will steer you away from the problems he sees in ToolBook technical support on a regular basis. Marty Weller will show us how to use JavaScript from within ToolBook. Chris and Jeff will cover a plethora of VBTrain.Net topics as well as some of their ToolBook favorites. Here's a complete list of confirmed faculty (more to come):


Pricing is very similar to last year and well below the price for other conferences, despite the fact that all registrations include meals plus the great events on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. Sign up quickly, though, since registration prices go up by $50 on May 1st and again on June 1st.

  • Off Campus ($720)
  • Loomis Double ($805)
  • Loomis Single ($845)
  • Apartment Multiple Occupancy ($895)
  • Apartment Single ($1,095)

Preconference Workshops ( http://www.tbcon.com/tbconPreconSessions.aspx ):

  • One Preconference Session $150
  • Two Preconference Sessions $285
  • Three Preconference Sessions $420
  • Four Preconference Sessions $555

Hope to see you in Colorado Springs in June!

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Announcing TBCON One-Day Events

If you can't make it to Colorado Springs in June or don't want to wait a whole year between conferences, we now have the answer for you. Platte Canyon will be hosting one-day TBCON events before the major training conferences throughout the year. Right now, we have confirmed the Sunday before Training - Fall in San Francisco ( October 10, 2004 ) and the Sunday before Training - Spring in New Orleans ( February 27, 2005 ). Look for more to come. We will provide eight hours of technical sessions on ToolBook and VBTrain.Net topics. Attendees will choose the exact topic covered out of a large list of possible topics! For larger groups, we will split into separate ToolBook and VBTrain.Net groups. Price is $285 per person, which includes lunch, snacks, and beverages. Here's a link for more details or to sign up:


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Learning & Mastering Instructor 2004 Outline and Release Schedule

We're still hard at work on the latest version of our Learning & Mastering CD. We're shooting to have it shipping by TBCON in June. We hope that you'll find it worth the wait. Here's the outline:

	1 Using This Training	
		Additional Training Features
	2 Understanding the Tools of the Trade  	
		e-Learning Essentials
		e-Learning Development Applications
		e-Learning Terminology
	3 Making the Initial Decisions in your Project	
		Things to Consider
		Deployment Options
		Learning Management

	1 Getting to Know Instructor	
		Instructor:  A Tour
		Books, Pages, Backgrounds and More
		The Book Specialist
	2 Working with Objects	
		Using the Catalog
		Creating Objects
		Manipulating Objects
		Object Properties
		Text, Hotwords, and Formatting
	3 Incorporating Graphics and Media	
		Graphic Resources
		Media via Players
		Media via Clips
	4 Adding Interactivity	
		Action Objects
		Introduction to the Simulation Object
		Hyperlinks and Navigation
		Menus and Printing
	5 Introducing the Actions Editor	
		Actions Editor Basics
		Working with Actions
	6 Getting Started with OpenScript	
		OpenScript Editors
		OpenScript Basics
	7 Publishing to the Web	
		Introduction to DHTML Deployment
		DHTML Deployment In-Depth
		Neuron Plug-in Deployment
	8 Deploying via CD or LAN	
		Traditional Deployment with AutoPackager
		Other Traditional Deployment Options

	1 Expanding Actions Editor Skills	
		Arrays, Shared Actions, and Methods
		Communicating with a SCORM LMS
		Using JavaScript and OpenScript Functions
		Actions Editor Case Study
	2 Building Advanced Simulations	
		Using the Simulation Capture Tool
		Creating Detailed Simulations
	3 Getting Deeper with OpenScript	
		OpenScript Techniques
		Drag and Drop
		Creating Custom Development Tools
		Creating Actions via OpenScript
		Enhancing Simulations with OpenScript
	4 Incorporating Controls and External Applications	
		ActiveX Controls
		Advanced Media with ActiveX
		Incorporating Flash
		Advanced Internet Topics
		Launching Media Players
		Automation and ADO
		Connecting to Databases with ADO
	5 Extending Your ToolBook Knowledge	
		How We Made This Training
		Further Resources

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Report from Training - Spring 2004

We had the pleasure of seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones at Training - Spring in Atlanta at the beginning of March. We did quite well in the e-Assessment Shootout (with our new Exam Engine product) despite having our laptop crash when trying to read the CD of questions right as the shootout started. We found quite a bit of interest in ToolBook as well our Tracker.Net, Exam Engine, and our VBTrain.Net controls. We'll be back at next year's event in New Orleans .

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Report from the German ToolBook & VBTrain.Net Event and Learntec

We had a great time at the special ToolBook & VBTrain.Net event on February 9 in Karlsruhe , Germany . A big thanks to all the attendees as well as to Oliver Pincus of afelio GmbH for taking care of the logistics. Here is group photo:


It was a special pleasure to finally meet longtime ToolBook List contributor Cecil Cheah. Cecil has been adding .NET to his repertoire and has graciously allowed us to host his new VBTrain.Net tutorials:


John Ballard has also added some VBTrain.Net forums alongside his popular ToolBook forums at:


The Learntec exhibition itself was very large with quite elaborate displays. We ran into even more old friends from the ToolBook list as well as potential new customers. Luckily their English was better than our German!

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ToolBook Tips and News

Plug-In Pro Tool Spotlight

by Jeff Rhodes

CBT Question Editor

The first news on the Plug-In Pro front is that we now have a completely functional evaluation version. The only catch is that it only loads itself into books of 10 pages or less. I encourage those of you who haven't experienced the power of the Plug-In Pro to download the evaluation version at:


As we work on our Learning & Mastering CD as well as custom applications, we frequently need to edit existing question objects. Either the content has changed or we copied an existing page and question rather than dragging a new one. While there is nothing wrong with the standard question editors, it can be cumbersome to select an answer, click the Edit button, edit the answer in a popup window, click OK, go to another tab to change the weight, another to change the feedback, etc.

Enter the CBT Question Editor. You click that button on your Plug-In Pro palette and it finds all questions on the page and displays them one at a time in a special editor. You can then edit up to six answer and change their text, feedback, weight, delayed feedback, and many other properties all on one screen. A HUGE timesaver.

Here's link to the help topic for this editor so you can see what it looks like:

More information on Plug-In Pro is available at:

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Expert Information from the "Learning & Mastering ToolBook..." Series

by Jeff Rhodes

Initializing and Running ActiveX Controls

Making an ActiveX control run involves referencing it, initializing it, and then, if necessary, calling one of its methods. As a first example, the handler below uses the Windows Media Player (the object reference to it is already stored in the screenMoviePlayerID) to show a "screen movie" in a viewer. Notice how the code builds the file name of the video file based on a property of the calling page. It then sets the extFileName property to that path before opening the viewer containing the player. We don't need to explicitly call the extPlay() method since the control has been configured to automatically play.

to handle DCC_showScreenMovie page pageID
	system object screenMovieViewerID, screenMoviePlayerID
	system string s_bookPath
	system logical s_usingVideo
	local string fileName
	if s_usingVideo = TRUE
		fileName = screenMovieFileName of pageID
		if fileName <> null
			fileName = s_bookPath & fileName
			if isOpen of screenMovieViewerID = FALSE
				open screenMovieViewerID
				extFileName of screenMoviePlayerID = \
				show screenMovieViewerID
			end if
		end if
	end if
end DCC_showScreenMovie

Another, more sophisticated, example is shown below. This code from the "Flash ActiveX Example" in the L&M CD loads the proper Flash movie (there is one per background type) by setting the extMovie property. It then calls the extSetVariable() method to set the variable that which buttons are enabled, the animation level, and the sound. It then calls another method [extTCallLabel()] to tell the player to configure itself based on the variable.

to handle updateInterface
	system word s_FlashButtonSettings
	system string s_bookPath
	local object l_FlashNavButtonsID, l_FlashUIButtonsID
	local string l_navButtonMoviePath, l_uiButtonMoviePath
	l_FlashNavButtonsID = ShockwaveFlash "navButtons" of self
	l_navButtonMoviePath = s_bookPath & "flash\nav" & \
		(name of backdrop of parent of self) & ".swf"
	extMovie of l_FlashNavButtonsID = l_navButtonMoviePath
	get extSetVariable("tbButtonState", \
		s_FlashButtonSettings) of l_FlashNavButtonsID 
		-- determines enabled, animation level, etc.
	get extTCallLabel("/", "setButtonState") of \
	-- the above sets up the player
	if checked of button "nextPageButtonAnimating" of self \
		= TRUE
		get extTCallLabel("/", "nextAnimated") of \
	end if
	l_FlashUIButtonsID = ShockwaveFlash "uiButtons" of self
	if visible of group "uiButtons" of self = TRUE
		show l_FlashUIButtonsID
		bounds of l_FlashUIButtonsID = \
			resetShockwaveUIBounds of self
		l_uiButtonMoviePath = s_bookPath & \
		extMovie of l_FlashUIButtonsID = l_uiButtonMoviePath
		get extSetVariable("tbButtonState", \
			s_FlashButtonSettings) of l_FlashUIButtonsID 
			-- determines enabled, animation level, etc.
		get extTCallLabel("/", "setButtonState") of \
		hide l_FlashUIButtonsID
		bounds of l_FlashUIButtonsID = \
			hideShockwaveUIBounds of self
	end if
end updateInterface

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OpenScript Tip

by Jeff Rhodes

Automatically Setting the Properties of a Web Graphic Placeholder

I've recently been enhancing a "storyboarding" application as part of a contract with the U.S. Army. I showed the initial version last year at TBCON and will show the "latest and greatest" this year. As part of that task, we store the name of the image in a database (entered by the subject matter expert via a .NET front end application). When we read the database on the ToolBook side, we want to get our hands on the graphic, set the associated properties of the Web Graphic placeholder, import or replace the resource, and then show that graphic as the normal graphic of the placeholder. Here's the system book script.

to handle story_updateImage string columnName, string columnValue, object pageId
	-- look for button of the correct name
	-- set its ASYMI_ImageRef property, 
	-- import or replace graphic
	system book storyBookId
	local string mediaDir
	local object buttonId
	local string graphicPath
	local string relativePath
	local object resID
	local string bs, errorString, objString, comString
	if isObject(button columnName of pageId) = TRUE
		buttonId = button columnName of pageId
		if columnValue <> null
			show buttonId
			mediaDir = "media"
			relativePath = mediaDir & "\" & columnValue
			ASYMI_ImageRef of buttonId = relativePath
			graphicPath = ASYM_ParsePath(name of \
				storyBookId, \"Path") & relativePath
			if fileExists32(graphicPath) = 1
				-- see if resource exists
				objString = "bitmap" && QUOTE & \
					relativePath & QUOTE 
				-- e.g., bitmap "media/test.gif"
				bs = ASYM_BlockSuspend()
				resID = objString 
				-- Will generate an error if invalid 
				-- resource since resID is typed as object
				errorString = ASYM_RestoreSuspend(bs)
				if errorString <> null 
					-- doesn't already exist
					comString = "import bitmap resource" \
						&& QUOTE & graphicPath & QUOTE \
						&& "as" && QUOTE & relativePath \
						& QUOTE 
					-- e.g., import bitmap resource 
					-- graphicPath as relativePath
					execute comString
					resId = objString
				else -- replace resource
					replace resource resID with graphicPath
				end if
				normalGraphic of buttonId = resId
				send ASYM_Reset to buttonId
			end if
			ASYMI_ImageRef of buttonId = null
			hide buttonId
		end if
	end if
end story_updateImage

Those of you who are really observant will see that the script above is a more advanced version of the one that I covered in the last EnterPage issue. That one set the ASYM_ImageRef property but did not import/replace the resource or set the normalGraphic. 

Look for this capability to be added to the Plug-In Pro 7.

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Actions Editor Tip

by Cindy Kessler

Creating Actions with OpenScript

Editor's note: this is an actual email from Cindy to Jeff and Chris on Saturday, February 21, 2004 as she was working on a new section in the soon-to-be-released Learning & Mastering ToolBook Instuctor 2004 CD.

Ok guys, I must confess (but don't tell anyone)...I'm having fun with "Creating Actions with OpenScript." Tim's document is SO clean and well-organized it's a pleasure to work from.

Anyway, had to share...

With the script below, the user just has to create a comboBox, name it "topics," and create dropdown items for it. Then run the script.

The script creates a field for each topic, creates a display field, and sets up an action sequence on the comboBox to essentially "showTextInDisplayField" [Editor's note: this is a system book function we use in the Learning & Masting series] based on the topic selected from the comboBox. So all the user has to do is type topic information in each field.

Oh my, isn't THAT cool!

local actionArray[]

comboId = comboBox "topics"
topicList = dropDownItems of comboBox "topics"
numTopics = textlineCount(topicList)

-- Create displayField
draw field from 2400,600 to 5000,1000
name of selection = "displayField"

-- Create the variable and set property
var1 = ASYM_NewDataStructure("")
var1 = ASYM_SetDataElement(var1, "name", "displayText")
varList =  ASYM_NewDataStructure("")
varList = ASYM_SetDataElement(varList, "0", var1)
ASYM_EA_Variables(ASYM_Select) of comboId = varList

step num from 1 to numTopics
	topicTitle = textline num of topicList
	fieldName = chars 1 to 32 of topicTitle

	-- create a field for the topic
	draw field from 0,0 to 1320, 240
	fieldId = selection
	name of fieldId = fieldName
	text of fieldId = topicTitle

	-- make the if or elseIf condition
	litRef = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakeLiteralRef(topicTitle)
	paramRef = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakeParameterRef(1)
	opRef = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakeOperatorRef("=", paramRef, \
	if num = 1
		act = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakeIfAction(opRef)
		act = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakeElseIfAction(opRef) 
	end if
	actionArray[num * 2 - 1] = act

	-- make set variable action
	propRef = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakePropertyRef(comboId, fieldId, \
	var = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakeVariableRef(varList, "displayText")
	act = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakeSetVariableAction(var, propRef)
	actionArray[num * 2] = act
end step

-- Make End If
act = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakeEndAction("if")
actionArray[numTopics * 2 + 1] = act

-- set text of displayField to variable value
act = ASYM_EA_SDK_MakeSetPropertyAction(comboId, field \
	"displayField", "text", var)
actionArray[numTopics * 2 + 2] = act

-- apply array
send ASYM_EA_ApplyActionArray comboId, "ASYM_Select", \
	actionArray, "true"

We won't tell anyone Cindy. ;-)

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VBTrain.Net Tips and News

VBTrain.Net Tidbit

by Jeff Rhodes

In the last issue, I showed you the code for creating a random exam that my son used for his 6 th grade Science Fair project on sleep deprivation. We were all thrilled when he not only won first prize in his category but also was the Grand Prize winner for all of Junior High (6th, 7th, and 8th grade). He was most pleased with the $1,100 prize money. Nice job Derek! Here's a link for anyone who is interested:


He's off to the Colorado Science Fair in April.

Putting on the developer hat instead of the proud parent hat, let's talk about dynamically adding event handlers at runtime. For the front end of the storyboarding application mentioned above, we wanted to have "presets" available via a right-click menu. So rather than typing in "Click on a button to see its associated information" a hundred times, the subject matter expert could right-click and choose an "instructions" phrase from a popup menu. These phrases are stored in the database and can be updated at any time. With multiple instruction fields, 11 content fields, etc., I didn't want to write individual code for each control. Instead, I wanted one ContextMenu object per type (one for instructions, another for content, another for media, etc.) and then keep track of which control the user clicked on so as to put the selected text into the right spot.

On the way into the form, I read the database to determine the menu choices and populate the menu (we'll show the Instructions menu in this example):

	numItems = instructionsPresetTableViewId.Count
	For menuCounter = 0 To (numItems - 1)
		rowId = instructionsPresetTableViewId(menuCounter)
		menuText = String.Concat(rowId(0), "_", rowId(3))
		InstructionsContextMenu.MenuItems.Add(menuText, _
			AddressOf PresetSelected)

The instructionsPresetTableViewId is a DataView object that contains the sorted list of available presets. The AddressOf keyword says to call the PresetSelected handler whenever the menu item is selected. The rowId(0) is the primary key of the row, which we will use to find the data we need. The rowId(3) is the title of the preset but not necessarily its text (which is in a different column and could be quite long).

Next, we loop through all the TextBoxes on the form and use this code to add the appropriate MouseDown handler based on the name of the control.

	ElseIf textBoxName.ToLower.IndexOf("instruction") > -1 _
		AddHandler currentField.MouseDown, \
			AddressOf instructionsTextBoxMouseDown

currentField is the reference to the TextBox. This code says to call the instructionsTextBoxMouseDown handler whenever there the user clicks on the TextBox. Here's that code.

Private Sub instructionsTextBoxMouseDown(ByVal sender As _
	Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs)

	If e.Button = MouseButtons.Right Then
		Dim textBoxId As TextBox = CType(sender, TextBox)

		If HasTypingError = False OrElse Not _
			CurrentTextBox Is textBoxId) Then

			CurrentTextBox = textBoxId
			CurrentTable = instructionsPresetTableId
			InstructionsContextMenu.Show(Me, _
		End If
	End If
End Sub

This code checks to see if it is a right-click and then checks a property to see if there is a typing error. This is needed because there is also a right-click menu with a list of spelling suggestions that needs to take priority over this preset menu. If there is no error, then we store the reference to WHICH TextBox this is in the CurrentTextBox property (since there are lots using the same menu), keep track of which table of data has the presets, and then show the popup menu in the right spot.

If the user selects a menu item, we go to the PresetSelected handler as discussed above.
Private Sub PresetSelected(ByVal sender As Object, _
	ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

	Dim menuId As MenuItem = CType(sender, MenuItem)
	Dim menuText As String = menuId.Text
	Dim menuArray As String() = menuText.Split(CChar("_"))
	Dim keyId As Integer = CInt(menuArray(0))
	Dim rowId As DataRow = CurrentTable.Rows.Find(keyId)
	Dim textToLoad As String = rowId(2).ToString

End Sub

Private Sub LoadPresentContent(ByVal textToLoad As String)
	If IsNothing(CurrentTextBox) = False Then
		With CurrentTextBox
			If .SelectedText <> "" Then
				.SelectedText = textToLoad
				If .SelectionStart > 0 Then
					Dim selNum As Integer = .SelectionStart
					Dim newText As String = .Text

					newText = String.Concat _
						(newText.Substring(0, selNum), _
						textToLoad, _

					.Text = newText
				End If
			End If
		End With
	End If
End Sub

The PresetSelected handler figures out the preset text that we need (notice how it finds the proper row of data using the primary key and the Rows.Find() method of the DataTable object). It then calls LoadPresentContent. It does some gyrations to figure out whether to replace selected text with the preset, insert it into a specific spot, or append it to the end. Notice that these handlers are used by all of the dozens of preset menus in the application.

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Come See Us: The Platte Canyon World Tour

Here are the upcoming conferences and events that we have firmed up at this time:

ASTD International Conference and Expo
Washington, D.C.
Booth 633
May 24 – 26, 2004

ToolBook & VBTrain.Net User's Conference
Colorado Springs, Colorado
June 21 – 23 (Preconference June 19 – 20)

TBCON One-Day Event
San Francisco, California
King George Hotel
October 10, 2004

Training Fall, incorporating Online Learning
Booth 316
San Francisco, California
October 11-13, 2004

TBCON One-Day Event
New Orleans, Louisiana
February 27, 2005

Training Spring
New Orleans, Louisiana
February 28 - March 2, 2005

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Platte Canyon Products in the Pipeline

We've been doing quite a bit of consulting as well as concentrating on the Learning & Mastering ToolBook Instructor 2004. After that, look for Plug-In Pro 7 and Tracker.Net 3. On the longer-term is an updated Question object and Exam Engine.

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Coming in the Next Issue of the EnterPage

  • Focus on TBCON 2004
  • Another Plug-In Pro Tool Spotlight
  • More CBT Creation Tips
  • More OpenScript Tips
  • More Actions Editor Tips
  • More VBTrain.Net Tidbits
  • ToolBook Tip (from the "Learning and Mastering ToolBook..." Series)
  • More

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