Checking Clip Paths


Access this tool from the Resources & Clips palette or from a custom palette or custom menu that you have configured with the Clips - Check Paths tool.


Use the Clips - Check Paths tool to change clips with full paths (e.g. C:\program files\toolbook\media\overflew) to relative paths (e.g. media\\overflew). You can choose which clip types to operate on and whether to be prompted before each change.


Relative paths are crucial when distributing your application because you normally cannot predict where the user will install your books.


Generate/check clip paths 21.gif


When you first click on the button, you choose which types of media you are going to change. You can choose any number of available media types.

Generate/check clip paths 31.gif

You then choose whether or not you want to see a prompt before changes if the utility finds full paths.