Editing a Questions Answer Array


Access this tool from the Questions palette, or from a custom palette or custom menu that you have configured with the Question - Answers Array tool.


Use the Question - Answers Array tool to open the array editor for the ASYM_WID_ansArray property of a selected question . This is equivalent to viewing object properties using the ToolBook menu combination View -> Browsers -> Property/Ctrl+F4 and then double-clicking on the ASYM_WID_ansArray property in the property viewer.


The array editor lets you directly access and set properties that comprise the question. Note that directly editing question properties is an advanced feature and should only be done if you understand the question array.


Generate/QUESTION ARRAY11.gif


The ToolBook array editor lets you work with two dimensional arrays. Click the "View by" settings to switch from viewing by dimension 1 or dimension 2. Change the numbers in "Select value at:" to access a particular cell. Use the editor at the top to change the cell's value.