Exporting Resources


Access this tool from the Resources & Clips Palette or from a custom palette or custom menu that you have configured with the Resources - Export tool.


The Resources - Export tool automates the process of exporting resources to files. You might choose to export resources such as bitmaps, adjust them in a graphics editing program, and then re-import using the Resources - Import tool.


Note: you can collapse this dialog by clicking on the collapse graphic (Generate/collapseBtn.gif) at the top of the screen and then expand it again by clicking the expand graphic (Generate/expandBtn.gif).


Click on the screen elements for details.








Screen Elements:

Cancel button

Export Constraints

Help button

OK button

Prompt Option

Resource Type

Show Progress


Files are exported to a directory you specify. You have two options when selecting the destination directory for the exported files:


Generate/export resources 211.gif


Choosing the Browse option allows you to select any existing directory on your computer. If you want to create a new directory, however, choose New Directory.


All resources of the selected type in the indicated range are saved to the chosen directory. They are given the name of named resources or the ID of un-named resources.


Any colons (:) in the name of the resource will be changed to the character swapping value that is set in the Options window.