Importing Images/Web Graphic Placeholders


Access this tool from the Alignment & Art palette, CBT palette, Resources & Clips palette, or from a custom palette or custom menu that you have configured with the Clips - Information tool.


Use this tool to import all the graphics of the selected extension(s) [.png, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .wmf, and/or .emf] and assign them as either the normal graphics of image objects or as external graphic placeholders. You choose this in the Object: area of the dialog. For images, ToolBook will use the stored version of the graphic when publishing to DHTML. For placeholders, ToolBook will use the original image when exporting to DHTML rather than using the copy stored within the .tbk file. The tool either creates an image object or copies a web graphic placeholder from the catalog for each graphic. It then either places them all on the current page or starts at the beginning of the book and places one per page, depending on the selection in the Import to: area of the dialog. If there are more graphics than pages, the remaining images/placeholders will be placed on the last page of the book. You can choose where the images/placeholders are located with the Coordinates area of the dialog.


Note: you can collapse this dialog by clicking on the collapse graphic (Generate/collapseBtn.gif) at the top of the screen and then expand it again by clicking the expand graphic (Generate/expandBtn.gif).