Media Information


Access this tool from the CBT palette, Resources & Clips palette, or from a custom palette or custom menu that you have configured with the Clips - Information tool.


Use this tool to view a list of all the media files played from within the book. You can select from internal players like the Universal Media Player and/or the Flash, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player ActiveX controls used directly. Any ActiveX controls that Plug-In Pro does not detect in the book will be disabled.


Once you have selected the desired players, click the "List Players" button to show all of the player objects along with their media sources. To see progress in the Command Window, check that box at the bottom of the screen.


If you want to globally replace the paths of the media sources, click the "Replace Paths" button. It will show a dialog like the one below. Insert the "With" path and click the "Replace" button.




If you want to edit the source of a selected player, change its media source at the bottom of the screen and click the "Update" button. Or you can click the "Locate" button to launch Windows Explorer with that file selected. Any players with changes will be shown in red. To save the changes, click the "Save All" button.


Note: if you are changing media sources with the Actions Editor or OpenScript, then this tool will help you locate the players but will not be able to update your sources.


Note: you can collapse this dialog by clicking on the collapse graphic (Generate/collapseBtn.gif) at the top of the screen and then expand it again by clicking the expand graphic (Generate/expandBtn.gif).