Uninstalling or Temporarily Removing the Plug-In Pro

To Uninstall the Plug-In Pro:


Windows XP

  1. Open the Windows Start menu

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Control Panel

  4. Open Add/Remove Programs

  5. Select the Install/Uninstall tab

  6. Select Plug-In Pro from the software listed

  7. Click Add/Remove and follow the instructions


Windows Vista/7

  1. Open the Windows Start menu

  2. Select Control Panel

  3. Open Uninstall Programs under Programs

  4. Select Plug-In Pro from the software listed

  5. Click Uninstall and follow the instructions


To Temporarily Remove the Plug-In Pro:


The Plug-In Pro installation adds the plgpro_105.sbk system book to the startupSysBooks line in tb105.ini.


The ini file is in the shared ToolBook directory. The typical path is either:

c:\program files\common files\toolbook\tbsystem\tb105.ini


It is the startupSysBooks setting in this ini file that adds plgpro_105.sbk as a ToolBook system book. This in turns provides the Plug-In Pro functionality. Therefore to temporarily remove the Plug-In Pro simply remove the system book from the startupSysBooks setting in the ini file.


Step by Step:


  1. Open the file c:\program files\common files\toolbook\tbsystem\tb105.ini in Notepad (or any word processor; just be sure to save it as Text Only when you're done).

  2. Find the line that begins with:

  3. startupSysBooks=

  4. If the only book listed after the "=" is the plgpro_105.sbk book, simply comment out the whole line by putting a semicolon in front of it. E.g.,

  5. ;startupSysBooks=c:\program files\common files\toolbook\tbsystem\plgpro_105.sbk

  6. If you have additional books listed after the "=", first make another copy of the entire startupSysBooks= line in the ini file, then use a semicolon to comment out the original line (see step 3). Now you can delete only the plgpro_105.sbk reference (including its path) from the uncommented line.

  7. Save and close the tb105.ini file.


    To restore the Plug-In Pro (after temporarily commenting it out):


    Uncomment the appropriate line in plgpro_105.sbk by removing the semicolon. If you made a copy of the line (see step 4 above), you will need to delete the copy or comment it out with a semicolon.