Using Field Styles


Access Styles - Field from the Objects palette, or from a custom palette or custom menu that you have configured with the Styles - Field tool. (Also available: Styles - Button, Styles - Combo Box)


Use Styles - Field to create a set of field properties (a style), and then to draw fields with those properties on your page. Since all styles are restored whenever you open the styles window, you can use this feature to create consistent object types from book to book.


To create a style:

  1. Click the Add New button.

  2. Enter a style name when prompted.

  3. Define the style settings in the Field Styles dialog box by setting the available properties. You can also set the style properties to those of a selected field on your page using the Set From Selected Field button.

  4. Select the Update button to save your changes!


To insert a field based on a style:

  1. Choose a style in the Style Settings list.

  2. Click the Draw button.


    You may set a user property that will set for of each field you create. To do so, fill in the Property Name and Property Value fields. See Adding a User Property to a Style for more information.


    The Sticky Note style is a built in Plug-In style used for the Plug-In Sticky Note functions. You can modify the Sticky Note style (except for its user property) in this Field Styles screen.


    Note: Updating a style in this window does NOT update any instances of that style that have already been created.


    Note: you can collapse this dialog by clicking on the collapse graphic (Generate/collapseBtn.gif) at the top of the screen and then expand it again by clicking the expand graphic (Generate/expandBtn.gif).


    Click on the window elements to learn more.




    Screen elements:

    Activated box

    Add New button

    BorderStyle selection


    Choose Shared Script

    Close button

    Delete button

    Draw button

    DrawDirect box

    Fill and Stroke Colors

    Font selections

    Help button


    Name field

    Property Name

    Property Value

    Rename button

    Sample Field

    Set from Selected button

    Style Settings list

    Transparent box

    Update button