Viewing A Page


Access this tool from the Page palette or from a custom palette or custom menu that you have configured with the Page - View a Page tool.


Use the Page - View a Page tool to display a page from any book in the Page Viewer window. From within the Page Viewer you can select a page, copy objects, view scripts, etc. This reduces the load on your computer since two instances of ToolBook are not required.


When you are in the Page Viewer window, use its menu options or right click menus, because the ToolBook menus in your main book will work on the main window instead of the Page Viewer.


The Page Viewer menus are described below.



Use the File menu's Exit option (or Ctrl+F4) to close the Page Viewer window.





Use the Edit menu to perform typical edits on the page being viewed and to move between the page and background.




Use the Page menu to:

  • Jump to a different page using number, name, or ID

  • Navigate to the next or previous page in the book being viewed

  • Turn on or off sysSuspendMessages, which can speed navigation and avoid errors

  • View a page in a different ToolBook book


Note: The last ten pages you've viewed in the Page Viewer are listed at the bottom of this menu. You can select any one to open it in the Viewer.





Use the Scripts menu to access the scripts or shared scripts of objects in the Page Viewer window.


Use the Actions menu to access actions for the page, background, or book.





The Help option displays this help.