Web Graphic Information


Access this tool from the Alignment & Art palette, CBT palette, or from a custom palette or custom menu that you have configured with the Clips - Information tool.


Use this tool to view a list of all web graphic placeholders in the book along with the path to their associated images.


You can validate that the external images are still in their correct locations by clicking the "Validate Images" button.


If you want to globally replace the paths of the associated images, click the "Replace Paths" button. It will show a dialog like the one below. Insert the "With" path and click the "Replace" button.




If you want to edit the path of a selected placeholder, change its location source at the bottom of the screen and click the "Update" button. Or you can click the "Locate" button to Windows Explorer with that file selected. Any placeholders with changes will be shown in red. To save the changes, click the "Save All" button.


Note: you can collapse this dialog by clicking on the collapse graphic (Generate/collapseBtn.gif) at the top of the screen and then expand it again by clicking the expand graphic (Generate/expandBtn.gif).