TTS 9 doesn’t have explicit SmartPage support in the sense that it doesn’t try to figure out if the pages in a book are SmartPages and automatically exclude or include objects or properties as a consequence. We will look at doing this in the next version. For now, though, I would recommend excluding the Title and Subtitle recordfields on the background if you are using SmartPages. You can do this using the Write Content – Background Objects link in the tool palette. Go to Recordfields and move those to the left.



Do the same with the “topic” field on the SmartPages:




Be sure to do this with all sources if they are already created.


If you are able to work this before writing your content, select each of these objects in turn and choose “Exclude/Include Selected Object” from the TTS menu to keep them from being written to the database in the first place.


As a third alternative, you can let TTS go ahead and write the %LESSONTITLE% and so forth and tell the Translators to ignore it. But it is important to write the content to the database in author mode (when the text is %LESSONTITLE%) rather than at reader (when the text is Working in Denmark). I suspect that is what happened in your screen capture. What it should look like is this:



The last step is to actually localize the values of %LESSONTITLE%, %CHAPTERTITLE%, and %TOPICTITLE%. To do that, you need to have TTS save the appropriate user properties:


info_Title – %LESSONTITLE% (user property of the book)


TBK_Styles_ChapterStart - %CHAPTERTITLE% (user property of the page - this is only on the first page of the chapter)


TBK_Styles_TopicTitle - %TOPICTITLE% (user property of the page - Note that the name of the page appears to be used if there is no entry. But that can’t [and shouldn’t] be localized.)


To set these properties, go to Write Properties – Book: